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2020 Christmas Gift Set—Large

The Large Gift Set is valued over $70.00. You only pay $49.99, and this includes the cost of shipping.

Each set includes a special Christmas greeting to your loved one and:

  • The Ornament Keeper, a contemporary Christmas novella, uses memory-filled ornaments to demonstrate the power of forgiveness to heal a family.
  • Return to Christmas beautifully blends the two struggling worlds of a former marine and a little boy with attachment disorder.
  • A Christmas Journey Home tells the story of two widows—Isabella and Miriam—who discover a common yearning that binds them together in a most miraculous way.
  • The Doctor’s Christmas Quilt tells the story of Dr. Laura Branson’s struggle between excitement and fear when her unwed medical student daughter discloses that she is pregnant.
  • Nativity Ornament Collection is handmade by WorldCrafts artisans at UEMS in the West Bank and includes 5 ornaments carved from olive wood. Each ornament measures approximately 3 inches.
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Artisan UEMS
Country West Bank
Product Number H204155
In Stock
  • $49.99

About this Artisan


As West Bank artisans shape olive wood, they know each unique item means more than money earned. Carved by their hands, each product is inspired. And for these UEMS artisans, creating their art is not just a matter of shaping a piece of olive wood; it’s a powerful testimony of hope delivered from one generation to another for more than 2,000 years.

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