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Ashlyn Necklace

With warm brown and red tones, this makes a versatile necklace!
This warm toned necklace measures 20 inches with a 2-inch adjustable chain.

Layered with 4 strands of beads in brown, tan, and deep red tones, this necklace makes a great addition to any wardrobe!

Intricately handmade by the women of Starfish Project in Asia, this piece helps women escape from exploitative situations. Starfish Project provides women with the opportunity to heal from both physical and emotional scars.

Measures 20 inches with 2-inch adjustable chain.

Artisan Starfish Project
Country Asia
Product Number H154130
Hurry! Limited Availability!
  • $54.99

About this Artisan

Starfish Project

With a mission to restore hope to exploited women in Asia, Starfish Project established a socially responsible jewelry company in 2006 as a means to offering meaningful alternative employment, vocational training and educational grants, and a wide array of social programs to women trapped in exploitative situations. Each woman who leaves an exploitative situation for employment at Starfish Project is given opportunities to heal her physical and emotional scars in ways that transform every aspect of her being, including in her relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. By operating under three main values—the holistic transformation of lives, implementing ethically based business and organizational practices, and raising up local leadership—Starfish Project continues toward a vision of seeing every woman valued. Each piece of jewelry purchased directly funds the empowerment of exploited women in Asia. ASIA- Starfish Project 2

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