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Asian Blossom Wallet

Add this pretty floral and functional wallet as your on-the-go organizer!
Durable, handmade wallet features hand embroidered, white, gray, and pink flowers.
Includes fold-over hook-and-loop fasteners with 3 pink fabric interior pockets, 9 card slots, and 1 zipper pocket. Wallet measures 7-by-5 inches.

Durable, handmade wallet features hand-embroidered, white, gray, and pink flowers.

Each purchase helps women of China Ethnic Crafts break away from the cycle of poverty, domestic abuse, and the lack of education.

Features fold-over hook-and-loop fasteners with 3 pink quilted interior pockets with 9 card slots and 1 zippered pocket. Wallet measures 7-by-5 inches.

Artisan China Ethnic Crafts
Country China
Product Number H154176
In Stock
  • $39.99   $20.00

About this Artisan

China Ethnic Crafts

In some rural areas of China, impoverished women are forced to work in faraway sweatshop factories to earn money needed for their children’s school fees. China Ethnic Crafts is a caring, compassionate employer that provides women an opportunity to earn an income with dignity. In addition to providing an education for each artisan’s children, China Ethnic Crafts also offers spiritual training and medical care, including regular dental and eye checkups.

The artisan group ensures that each woman can earn an income by providing them with jobs that match their skills. The different jobs include embroidery work, finishing, hand-sewing, cleaning, ironing, and quality control. The compassion and community of China Ethnic Crafts brings daily hope and stability and security.

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