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Authentic Girlfriends - Real Women Finding Real Faith

When the women of your church get together, does it seem like everything is still surface level? You don't sense any real depth of friendships being mentored? You can change that.

Many women find themselves trapped in a fake, spray-on kind of faith- based relationships. In Authentic Girlfriends: Real Women Finding Real Faith, totally transparent girlfriend Mary Snyder invites women to go on a life-changing and fun faith adventure together. Women will explore through Scripture what authentic girlfriend relationships should be. Developed with the small group in mind, this six-week study combines daily study and weekly gatherings with a unique companion guide that gives women the opportunity to share conversation and prayer with a partner throughout the study. Women will explore types of girlfriends, boundaries, priorities and most importantly, learn how to encourage one another to be consistent in looking to God's truth for direction. Authentic Girlfriends is a simple tool to help busy women build godly friendships.

ISBN 978-1-59669-414-9
Product Number N144120
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About the Author

Mary Snyder

Mary Snyder describes herself as slightly frazzled and seriously blessed. Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson describes her as “one of the most optimistic, fun-loving, encouraging people I’ve ever known who has a true heart for reaching people for Christ. Her quick wit and humor adds a special element to her God-given talents of working with people.”

Although lighthearted and quick witted, this transparent woman pulls no punches about asking women to be authentic and in living that way herself.  She decided a long time ago that it’s just easier to be authentic than to struggle to keep up a facade and feel empty. She knows that faith is about a relationship with Jesus and that is the basis on which every other relationship is built—friendships, family, marriage, parenting, every other relationship. Being from the South, though, she also firmly believes a lady is only presentable once she’s put on her lipstick. “Authentic living is a must,” she says, “but a touch of makeup and some hairspray are just gracious living.”

A popular cruise ship speaker, Mary has a following that’s near, far, and across cultures. She carries God’s Holy truth in her messages with God’s love, humor, and vivid detail. Snyder testifies that her life’s path is a walk of faith that often includes “litter, potholes, and missteps.” As she mentors and teaches “fellow travelers” in small groups, she also writes books and online articles, and speaks to audiences—on sea and land. Snyder uses her less-than-perfect life as the vehicle to share her passion for women to grow in deep relationship with the Lord, know His Holy Word, and enjoy serving Him at home and afar. When she’s not cruisin’ and connecting on the ocean or Route 66, Mary makes the Birmingham, Alabama, area home.

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