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Caring Worldwide - A History of Baptist Nursing Fellowship

Caring Worldwide: A History of Baptist Nursing Fellowship recounts the story of the founding and history of the Baptist Nursing Fellowship (BNF) and the visionary leaders who formed and shaped this organization for Baptist nurses to use their professional skills and gifts in Christian service. Author Cathy Butler traces the 30 years of this vital ministry organization through its growth in numbers and influence while recounting tales of missions efforts around the globe.

Since BNF's founding, the world has changed. Nursing has changed. White uniforms have been replaced with colorful scrubs, and few nurses wear starched white caps. More and more nurses are men, and more nurses are pursuing advanced degrees. But the dedication nurses show has not changed from the days of Florence Nightingale. The love Christian nurses have for God and for God's children is the same love that has been shown for generations.

"As the decades have gone by, the organization has adapted to reality so as to stay true to the founding principles of Christian fellowship, growth, and service" - June Whitlow, BNF's former executive director said. "And as long as we stick to those principles, I believe Baptist Nursing Fellowship will have a role in the work of the kingdom of God."

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