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Free to Fly Earrings

Dove silver-tone earrings. Lightweight with a dainty touch!

These small and simple dove silver-tone earrings will add a dainty touch to any outfit. The Free to Fly Earrings are made by Refugee Beads in Clarkston, Georgia. Women fleeing from foreign countries and poor living situations are able to provide for themselves and find freedom. You are bound to be reminded of freedom each time you wear these earrings. Each earring measures 1 inch. Made with hypoallergenic hook. Packaged in a WorldCrafts jewelry box.

Artisan Refugee Beads
Country USA
Product Number H133108
Currently out of stock
  • $12.99

    Currently out of stock

About this Artisan

Refugee Beads

Fleeing persecution in their native countries, such as Sudan, Bhutan, Burma, and Egypt, refugees often encounter new and threatening challenges upon arrival in the United States. Children are drawn into crime, parents are treated with disdain and overworked, and even basic tasks seem like impossible puzzles. Refugee Beads exists to provide hope, a sense of community, and needed income for refugees living in the Atlanta area. The jewelry created by these women is marketed across America to benefit their families. Many of the women are the wives of refugee pastors serving their own people groups.

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