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Hellen Necklace

This long necklace can be worn many ways.
This long necklace can be worn many ways.

Multisized black paper beads handcrafted by artisans employed by Proverbs 31 Women. This necklace is named after the Ugandan woman who manages the artisan group.

The talented (and mostly widowed and HIV positive) artisans in Proverbs 31 Women use beautifully disguised recycled paper to make their crafts not only eco-friendly but highly affordable as well.

Measures 90 inches long.

Artisan Proverbs 31 Women
Country Uganda
Product Number H194110
In Stock
  • $34.99

About this Artisan

Proverbs 31 Women

Widowed. Destitute. HIV-positive. These words could be used to describe the women of the Proverbs 31 Women artisan group in Uganda. But as they make colorful, attractive beaded jewelry out of recycled paper—you’d never guess—their hearts join together in song and their faces light up with smiles of joy! Sales of their beautiful, handmade items provide badly needed income to meet their families’ most basic needs, such as food and rent. Today, words that best describe these Proverbs 31 women would be hopeful, encouraged, full of thanksgiving, and praise!

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