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Kantha Notebook

Use this unique notebook as a way to write prayers or keep up with daily tasks.

Use this unique notebook as a way to write prayers or keep up with daily tasks.

Handmade by female artisans employed by Love Calcutta Arts in Kolkata, India, who are escaping the poisonous tentacles of the sex industry.

Each notebook is filled with handmade paper and covered in three layers of different sari fabrics that have been kantha-stitched (running-stitched). The papers are made from cotton rags and recycled woolen blankets, meaning no wood fiber was used. A completely eco-friendly product.

Measures 5.75-by-7-by-1 inches. Sari patterns and colors vary.

Artisan Love Calcutta Arts
Country India
Product Number H204113
In Stock
  • $19.99

About this Artisan

Love Calcutta Arts

The scarring influence of the sex trade does not affect just one generation in India. Despairing mothers often leave a legacy of poverty and prostitution to their daughters, who in turn carry on because they know no other lifestyle.

Enter Love Calcutta Arts. Their handicrafts unit enables young women to support themselves with dignity and help their mothers leave the sex industry. These hardworking women make high-quality handmade paper products in a loving environment where they learn of their Father’s love for them.

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