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myStory: A Study of Our Relationship with God

myStory is the second myMISSION Bible study following myGod. Where the myGod study focuses on God himself, the myStory study focuses on the Old Testament stories and how we reflect Him in light of who He is.

This download only study includes five lessons made up of three parts each, for a total of 15 sessions. Lessons are:

  • myLife - Reflecting my Creator
  • mySin - Coming Out of Hiding
  • myResponsibility - Following the Leader
  • myCommunity - Living Life Together
  • mySavior - Accepting His Redemption 

An optional, condensed version is included with the study that can be completed in 5 sessions. All of the myMISSION study materials are designed to be highly interactive and build community. Each of the lessons listed above are also available as individual downloads.

Available as a digital download only.

Product Number E124113
  • Downloadable PDF
    $34.99   $8.79

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