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Nativity Jigsaw Puzzle

Features bright, festive colors and consists of 11 pieces.

While celebrating Jesus' birth, children can have a fun, hands-on learning experience with this Nativity puzzle! Gospel House Handicrafts seeks to train and employ young adults of Sri Lanka so that they might have sustainable income. Features bright, festive colors and consists of 11 pieces. Measures 9.75-by-1.25-by-6.5 inches.

Artisan Gospel House Handicrafts
Country Sri Lanka
Product Number H154105
Currently out of stock
  • $24.99

    Currently out of stock

About this Artisan

Gospel House Handicrafts

Gospel House Handicrafts in Sri Lanka was established in 1983 in order to provide employment and training to poor, semieducated young adults in the field of making wooden toys, utility items, and ornamental handicrafts. They are currently providing full-time employment for numerous artisans and part-time employment for additional workers.

Manjual is the youngest and only girl in her family. She started at Gospel House Handicrafts in 2008 as a trainee in the packaging division and learned the packaging requirements very fast. She now works in quality control ensuring that every puzzle is just right before it ships out from Gospel House Handicrafts.

When girls are married in Sri Lanka, they like to already have their own furniture and gold jewelry. Manjual has been able to purchase and collect the items for her wedding, plus she has started a savings account. She is getting married soon and plans to start a family.

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