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Power Suit: The Armor of God Fit for the Feminine Frame

Take a totally new look at the armor of God. Power Suit redefines the masculine image of the armor for today's Christian woman who understands more about corporate executives and financial reports than about corporals and foxholes.

Power Suit takes the armor from camouflage to pinstripe, and helps you identify and overcome spiritual battles that rage in your everyday life. Through this detailed study of Ephesians 6:10, you will discover the importance of the armor of God, recognize how righteous living protects your heart, learn to detect Satan's tactics aimed at weakening your faith, realize the true meaning and power of grace, and learn to use the Word of God effectively.

ISBN 978-1-59669-238-1
Product Number N094135
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About the Author

Sharon Norris Elliott

Sharon Norris Elliott is determined to live a life that matters, and that is the basis for her writing, speaking, and teaching ministry model. In addition to helping others make that first step into the faith, Sharon has discipled women one-on-one and has led Bible study groups. Her aim is always to see others mature in their walk with the Lord.

Sharon is a graduate of Biola University, a Christian educator, conference speaker, composer, published author, assistant director of Sandy Cove Ministries writers conference, and Advisory Board member of American Christian Writers.

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