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Rejoice! Nativity Set

Nativity set made of soft, durable felt. Includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in a manger, and yurt.
Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with this charming Nativity set from Kyrgyzstan!

Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with this charming Nativity set, made of soft, durable felt! Includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus in a manger, and yurt. Handmade by women in Kyrgyzstan, who utilize their skills to create beautiful pieces of art, while receiving an income in order to help support their families. Yurt measures 4.5 inches in diameter and 4 inches high. Figures can be stored inside the yurt. Figures measure 2.5-by-3.5 inches.

Artisan Master's Handicrafts
Country Kyrgyzstan
Product Number H154108
Currently out of stock
  • $34.99

    Currently out of stock

About this Artisan

Master's Handicrafts

The cultural and artistic traditions of Central Asia have been preserved through the generations was women work together with their mothers and grandmothers creating masterful crafts. These felt and wool items are as varied as the women who make them, with products reflecting the unique designs and stiles of individual crafters. Master’s Handicrafts and WorldCrafts are honored to offer these fair trade treasures to you on behalf of the indigenous artisans in the cities of Kyrgyzstan.

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