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Restoring Love, A Contemporary Novel

Mitch, a contractor and house-flipper, is restoring a beautiful old house in an idyllic Midwestern neighborhood. Angela, a woman filled with regrets and recently transplanted to his area, is anything but idyllic. She's almost his worst nightmare, and she’s also working on restoring something—herself. As he struggles to keep his business afloat and she works to overcome mistakes of her past, these two unlikely friends soon discover they have something unexpected in common—a young mom who is fighting to give her children a better life after her husband's incarceration. While both Mitch and Angela are drawn to help this young mother survive, they also find themselves drawn to each other. Will a lifetime of regrets hold them back or unite them and bring redemption along with true love?

Restoring Love, part of New Hope Publishers’ line of contemporary missional fiction, demonstrates how God can turn our greatest tragedies and failures into beautiful acts of love and grace that can impact the lives of others. Readers will connect with the realistic characters and find they can relate to the complex situations that makes Jennifer Slattery's book so appealing. Readers will be inspired to see how God wants to use us to restore people's perception of love in action.

ISBN 978-1-62591-513-9
Product Number N174111
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About the Author

Jennifer Slattery

Jennifer Slattery knows firsthand what life on the streets is like. She knows firsthand the struggles that come from being married to someone who doesn't share your passion for Christ and His calling on your life. Thanks to God's grace, though, she also knows the joy that comes from having a spouse come to Christ and then serve alongside you on the faith journey. In her debut release, Beyond I Do, she writes from the passion and experience of her past to inspire people to become involved by helping the impoverished, addicted, at-risk- and broken. She uses her current experiences with husband, Steve, to inspire readers to view marriage through an eternal perspective. Although a first-time novelist, she has prior writing experience as a ghostwriter for Carl Blunt, president of the Lifebook Movement (founded by the Gideons). She is currently a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association and American Christian Writers, and a previous member of the Christian Writers Guild where she wrote guest blog posts periodically. She is a past member of the Heart of America Christian Writers’ Network and she has also written Vacation Bible School curriculum.

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