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We've A Story To Tell - 125 Years of WMU

The year 2013 marked the 125th anniversary of WMU involving generations upon generations in missions! The women whose remarkable courage and dedication founded this organization are found in the pages of this book, but their stories are just a reflection of those dedicated women in "mite societies," and "women's circles" who never sought to be known and who merely strove to make a difference. For every story told of an Annie, a Fannie, a Lottie, a Mallory, a thousand more remain in obscurity.

[taken from the preface to We've a Story to Tell: 125 Years of WMU]

Our Woman's Missionary Union story is one of sacrifice, courage, patience, and Divine Intervention in the course of human affairs. Alma Hunt, a name synonymous with Baptist missions, stated in her book, The History of WMU, that history, though made day-by-day, needs the seasoning of the years. We are looking at more than 125 years of seasoning. Stories are the delight of every generation and age, not just children. Recording documented fact is quite different from fiction, where you can manipulate the character and have her act in whatever way you please. This story of ours is not fiction, nor is it just a simple chronicles of women having meetings it is a journey into the minds and hearts of our foremothers. This is our story -- the venture of faith that became the largest missionary organization for women in the world.

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