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Your Pain is Changing You: Discover the Power of a Godly Response

"Pain will change you more profoundly than success or good fortune."

Suffering shapes your life -- your goals, dreams, values, and priorities. While you cannot choose events that come your way or sorrows that interrupt your life, you can choose your response to them.

In a gripping, narrative-driven format, former New Orleans journalist and current pastor David Crosby shares real-life stories that leads you deep into the heart of suffering and deeper into your own theology. You'll discover truths about God and be empowered to take charge of your response to suffering. The decision to choose how you respond will dramatically change the quality of your life and the lives of those you love.

ISBN 978-1-59669-413-2
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About the Author

David Crosby

As interesting as his writing, compassionate pastor and former reporter David Crosby has walked with many individuals through their pain, including one of the nation’s most horrific natural disasters. As pastor of First Baptist Church New Orleans, he was there for the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. More recently, he endured the suffering associated with a life-threatening ordeal impacting his grandson and the roller-coaster ride the family took until he recovered. David is active in community and denominational affairs, and has received many rewards and recognition for his civic involvement.  He and high school sweetheart, Janet Rose Crosby, live in Louisiana and have three children and eight grandchildren.

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