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Annie Armstrong

Annie Armstrong is holding an English Bible.
Annie Armstrong's hair is in a bun.

Annie Armstrong (1850–1938) worked tirelessly to encourage believers to give more, pray more, and do more for the cause of Christ at home and abroad. She was the leading organizer in the formation of WMU.

Handmade by women in Thailand through Thai Country Trim, WorldCrafts’ first artisan group in 1996.

Measures 5.875 inches tall.

Artisan Thai Country Trim
Country Thailand
Product Number H184122
Hurry! Limited Availability!
  • $19.99

About this Artisan

Thai Country Trim

For years, Thai Country Trim in Thailand has been a safe haven for battered women to receive emotional and financial support.

One woman was constantly abused by her family until she sought help at Thai Country Trim. Her family gave her the most chores around the house and consistently told her she was worthless. Now, this woman, along with about 300 other women, is employed by Thai Country Trim, handcrafting items to earn a living and learn to heal from her past.

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